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The 2010 China international cement summit opened at the wuzhou hotel in Beijing on April 1, 2010. A thousand miles of ingratiation, a lot of friends. More than 500 political figures, domestic and foreign large-scale cement enterprise group executive leadership, scientific research and design institutes, famous experts and scholars gathered together, closely around "promote low-carbon economy, the development of the pattern of economic growth" theme, launched a series of wonderful speech activities.
MiaoWei, vice minister of ministry of China building materials federation and China cement association, vice chairman of the thunder before cure, China building materials association, vice chairman of the far, zhi-ping song, chairman of China building materials group, France lafarge group chairman and CEO Bruno lafont, anhui conch group general manager Ren Yong, CSI world cement sustainability initiative, the ministry of industry policy department director Dr KeLiHua Yuan Kelan, ministry of department director Lv Gui new raw materials, the development and reform commission (NDRC) industrial coordination department director liu Ming attended the meeting, the state council development research center macroscopic ministry of economic affairs minister Yu Bin made named "2010 China's macroeconomic trends to predict" the theme of the speech. Xie zhenhua, deputy director of the national development and reform commission, sent a congratulatory letter to the international cement summit.
Under the state council development research center, ministry of industry, the world organization for sustainable development of the cement were on behalf of the government and institutions, such as the titled "a low-carbon economy and China's cement industry development policy", "the global cement industry design of road map" of the report.
The international cement giant lafarge and its own development introduced the "sustainable development architecture, the future orientation of lafarge". The international cement technology equipment provider Siemens, GE energy and other enterprises expatiated on the new technologies and ideas of low-carbon, energy saving and environmental protection from the technical point of view.
The high-level dialogue on "low-carbon economy, industrial policy" and "how to deal with low carbon economy, cement market change forecast" is the theme of the cement industry. Representatives of government departments, cement enterprises and industry associations have made a strong point of view and aroused a heated discussion on the scene.
In addition, many experts have aimed at developing a low-carbon economy published their own views, talked about the current Chinese cement development countermeasures, as well as to the low carbon economy situation of the cement market changes, industry policy adjustment are put forward the reasonable forecast.
Some international cement authorities have also published a professional point of view of the development of world cement, both for China and the world's cement last year development situation of macro review, and forecast and prospect for the future.
International cement market BBS -- grasp the global cement industry dynamics
Affected by the financial crisis, for the global cement industry in 2009 is hard but there is no lack of again a year of hope: both rain and some emerging markets mature market, and emerging cement markets such as China, India, the Middle East the skies; In order to further promote the exchange and cooperation of the international cement industry, the 11th international cement summit organizing committee has set a precedent, and the special organization has organized BBS of the international cement market.
In order to help domestic enterprises understand the Middle East cement market and enter the regional market, the organizing committee specially invited the representative of the Middle East to introduce the important information of cement industry in the Middle East. Mainly Arab cement and building materials group secretary general Mr Roshan introduced the Arab region cement market characteristics, Iran's network CEO, Dr Kashgar cement cement market present situation and the trend analysis of Iran, Iraq embassy commercial counsellor release Iraqi reconstruction project information.
In addition, Russia as a European cement production power elite has to attend the BBS, Russia, research institutions on behalf of the analysis of the current situation of cement production and market of Russian federation and the strategic countermeasures.
These cement elites from all over the world have provided valuable reference information to us, at the same time, they also expressed the hope to be able to use the BBS, a strong desire to contact with Chinese enterprises. BBS has successfully made our cement enterprises and these regions have completed the trade integration, which has brought the distance between China's cement industry and the world closer.

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