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The first smart P+R parking lot in Beijing is to be put into use by the end of October. The parking lot has four floors of 297 parking Spaces and 25 fast charging piles.
By the end of the hair, the four - layer steel structure of the three-dimensional parking lot has begun to take shape. "This parking lot will effectively alleviate the problem of parking nearby." Construction units relevant controller introduces, the newly built three-dimensional parking lot covers an area of 4292 square meters, a total of 297 parking Spaces, the stereoscopic parking Spaces, 231, 66 parking Spaces on the ground, and barrier-free six parking Spaces.
The multi-dimensional three-dimensional intelligent P+R three-dimensional steel structure parking lot adopts the new design concept. After the car owner goes to the parking lot, he brushes the card into the parking lot and takes the smart card (or bar code, etc.). There are five doors in the parking lot, and the car owner will automatically park the car in the parking lot after he brushes the smart card in front of it. When you take a car, the car owner simply swipes the smart card (or bar code, etc.) on the floor, and the car will automatically descend to the ground. The car owner does not need to enter the three-dimensional parking lot to be able to get the car. At the same time, for the convenience of the new energy vehicles, the parking lot will be built with 20 normal charging piles and 5 quick charging piles.
This year, the city will add and expand seven P+R parking lots. Two parking lots are built in the transportation hub of apple orchard station and beiyuan north station. For five existing parking lots, more than 1,300 parking Spaces were added. The new palace station and the anheqiao north station will also carry out the three-dimensional transformation, the huo camp station, the west second flag station to carry on the plane reconstruction.

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