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"It is recommended that the government amend relevant regulations to bring the rural housing management under control." This is a former country appoint vice director of office of the seismic, Chinese construction technology of the institute of Chinese architectural design institute consultants on August 7, the chief engineer yao-xian ye called for an interview.
According to data released by the department of yunnan province, by the 50 points by 6 August 15, 16 August 3 about zhaotong city in yunnan's 6.5 -magnitude earthquake affected 1.0884 million people, 589 people were killed and 2401 injured, 25800 households, 80900 houses... For a moment, many media have been asking: "why are the 6.5-magnitude earthquake casualties high?" "And" why are the houses in zhaotong earthquake resistant? . Many experts also can't help but say: if the earthquake is more and more the structure of steel structure is in the majority, will not cause such a large number of casualties.
Self-built houses do not follow the seismic codes
For the cause of zhaotong city in yunnan province magnitude and large casualties, August 6, "China construction news, steel structure" reporter telephone interview with the Chinese academy of engineering, architectural design and research institute in xinjiang dean wang.
Indicated that most of the rural housing non-professional design of zhaotong city in yunnan province, without guidance, not aseismic measures, and USES the brick structure, thus, causing heavy casualties. According to wang xiaodong, since the 1980s, rural housing in China has been built and built more, most of which are designed by farmers themselves and built by themselves. Since most peasants lack the common sense of building, they believe that the house should not be crushed, strong enough to consider the problem of horizontal force. In general, the ability to withstand earthquake disasters is poor. Wang xiaodong said that if the earthquake were to be built in accordance with the existing seismic regulations, the houses might have cracks but not collapse.
Wang worries that while the concrete precast rules are clearly not in use, the countryside is still used in many houses. Wang xiaodong said that the concrete prefabricated housing, the security risks are serious. In general, there are few large-scale mechanical equipment in the rural areas. Once the house collapses, it will be difficult to rescue, because it is difficult to move concrete prefabricated plates with the hand. Wang xiaodong believes that if you can use ductility buildings in earthquake-prone areas, such as steel structure and wood structure, you can avoid certain risks.
Wang suggested that the related construction department deal with since the 1980 s of the construction of the houses in the nation, does not meet the specification of dismantling or reinforcement, in order to ensure the safety of life of the people.
According to ye yaosho, for a long time, the relevant departments have not paid much attention to the small, low-cost rural housing, so he has appealed for more than 10 years on various occasions. Ye yaosho hopes that the management of the department in rural housing should learn from the experience of urban housing management. It is reported that the China seismological bureau has deliberated the system of national earthquake disaster reduction system on July 25, 2014. Said necessary, China seismological bureau director, to promote national governance is the core of the modern government by law against and mitigation of earthquake disasters is under the national governance system, the formation of more stable mature and effective system, for promoting the modernization of national earthquake disaster reduction management provides the system guarantee of the solid.
Warning + earthquake proof housing can reduce disaster
According to relevant data, there are five characteristics of this earthquake disaster: first, the earthquake in yunnan province belongs to the larger magnitude, and the scope is wide; The second is the seismic source depth of 12km, belonging to the shallow earthquake; Third, the population density of the disaster area reaches 265 people per square kilometer, which belongs to the densely populated area. Fourth, the earthquake disaster area housing earthquake resistance; Five is the most death toll county of ludian county is located in several fault zones, the terrain is rugged and complex.
It is reported that the earthquake has been zhaotong city in yunnan province seismological bureau, chengdu high-tech institute of disaster reduction of the construction of the joint success early warning earthquake early warning system, provides the zhaotong city, kunming, respectively, 10 seconds, 57 seconds of warning. The theoretical study shows that if the warning time is 3 seconds, the casualty ratio can be reduced by 14%. If the warning time was 10 seconds, the casualties were 39 percent lower. The warning time is measured in seconds, enough to say that time is precious to sudden earthquake disasters.
Is there a building that can be small enough to be small enough to be damaged, to be repaired, or to fail? A after the wenchuan earthquake inspection, become the victims of the earthquake shelters of steel structure building, jiuzhou gymnasium has told us, steel structure building can protect people's life and property safety.
According to the China seismological bureau, and the destruction of the wenchuan earthquake area of more than 10 square kilometers, the largest earthquake intensity could reach 11 earthquake affected more than half a China and many Asian countries, is located in mianyang city, sichuan province the jiuzhou gymnastic stadium can stand tall, it has to do with the characteristics of steel structure building.
I will not be able to promote the steel structure
Since 2010, the National People's Congress, the architectural design institute deputy chief engineer of tianjin Zhang Zhaoyi is three consecutive years "popularization in residential building construction steel structure housing advice" and "the promotion should pay attention to the problems in the process of housing industrialization suggestion", etc., and get the housing and vice-minister of approval of the leadership.
The safety of residential buildings is a big issue for the national economy and people's livelihood, zhang said. He said that China is a multi-earthquake country with a wide distribution of earthquake zones and the majority of urban areas are located in the earthquake zone. Earthquake disaster time is short, time is hard to predict, and disaster consequence is very serious, according to the engineering practice, the reasonable design of steel structure at the present stage or combination of the steel structure of building better able to resist earthquake disasters, to reduce losses caused by disasters to people's life and property. A safe building will ensure people's lives and bring peace to people's minds. Of course, these can be ignored without disaster.
According to the provincial civil affairs department, the authorities sent 31,050 tents and 17,000 folding beds to the quake-hit area at 1550 PM on August 6. It costs a lot of manpower and money, and also leads to the casualties of rescuers.
Former ministry of construction, chief engineer, China construction metal structure association, said Yao Bingceng earthquake disasters is a special way to test all types of buildings, although we don't want to see the test. If we can be good at summarizing, thinking well, and using technical means to avoid and reduce the loss caused by natural disasters, it will be beneficial to the country and the individual. We should always remember that "life is the first" building code, yao said.

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